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政策zheng4 ce4 policy
方针fang1 zhen1 policy
对美dui4 mei3 (policy etc) towards America
对华dui4 hua2 (policy etc) towards China
决策jue2 ce4 to scheme
对台dui4 tai2 (policy etc) towards Taiwan
温和wen1 he2 mild
新政xin1 zheng4 new policy
ce4 plan
八字ba1 zi4 birthdate characters used in fortune-telling
对日dui4 ri4 (policy etc) towards Japan
计划生育ji4 hua2 sheng1 yu4 ji4 hua4 sheng1 yu4 family planning
一轮yi1 lun2 first round or stage (of a match, election, talks, planned policy etc)

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