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高低gao1 di1 just
故障gu4 zhang4 fault
失败shi1 bai4 failure
注定zhu4 ding4 to be fated
成败cheng2 bai4 success or failure
死心si3 xin1 to give up
断电duan4 dian4 power cut
衰竭shuai1 jie2 cui1 jie2 to fail
渎职du2 zhi2 wrongdoing
饥荒ji1 huang1 debt
xiong1 vicious
残局can2 ju2 endgame (in chess)
陈独秀chen2 du2 xiu4 Chen Duxiu (1879-1942), Chinese Marxist and leading communist, blamed for the failures of Chinese communism from 1927, posthumously rehabilitated

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