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第三纪di4 san1 ji4 third period
蜥臀目xi1 tun2 mu4 Saurischia or lizard-hipped dinosaurs, order within super-order Dinosauria
兽脚亚目shou4 jiao3 ya4 mu4 suborder Theropoda (beast-footed dinosaur group) within order Saurischia containing carnivorous dinosaurs
兽脚类恐龙shou4 jiao3 lei4 kong3 long2 theropod (beast-footed dinosaur group)
恐龙总目kong3 long2 zong3 mu4 Dinosauria, super-order within class Sauropsida containing dinosaurs and birds
恐龙类kong3 long2 lei4 dinosaurs
鸟脚下目niao3 jiao3 xia4 mu4 Ornithopoda, suborder of herbivorous dinosaurs including iguanodon
鸟脚亚目niao3 jiao3 ya4 mu4 Ornithopoda (suborder of herbivorous dinosaurs)

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