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对应dui4 ying4 homologous
文书wen2 shu1 secretary
函授han2 shou4 to teach by correspondence
中转zhong1 zhuan3 transfer
音讯yin1 xun4 mail
信函xin4 han2 letter
函件han2 jian4 letters
印绶yin4 shou4 sealed ribbon fastening correspondence (in former times)
祝好zhu4 hao3 wish you all the best (when signing off on a correspondence)
一一对应yi1 yi1 dui4 ying4 one-to-one correspondence
一一映射yi1 yi1 ying4 she4 one-to-one correspondence
一多对应yi1 duo1 dui4 ying4 one-to-many correspondence
中转柜台zhong1 zhuan3 gui4 tai2 transfer desk

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