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起来qi3 lai5 qi5 lai5 to stand up
zhi2 frank
接下jie1 xia4 continuing on
后续hou4 xu4 follow-up
接下来jie1 xia4 lai2 next
si4 posterity
一如既往yi1 ru2 ji4 wang3 as before
延髓yan2 sui3 medulla oblongata (part of hind brain continuing the spinal chord)
一个劲儿yi2 ge4 jin4 er2 continuing
宿弊su4 bi4 continuing fraud
在继续恶化 zai4 ji4 xu4 e4 hua4 to be continuing to worsen
再接下来 zai4 jie1 xia4 lai2 continuing onwards
持续经营业务 chi2 xu4 jing1 ying2 ye4 wu4 continuing business services

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