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节水jie2 shui3 to save water
水利shui3 li4 water conservation
保育bao3 yu4 childcare
水土保持shui3 tu3 bao3 chi2 soil conservation
自然保护区zi4 ran2 bao3 hu4 qu1 nature reserve
守恒定律shou3 heng2 ding4 lv4 conservation law
保护区bao3 hu4 qu1 conservation district
守恒shou3 heng2 to remain constant (of a number)
能量守恒neng2 liang4 shou3 heng2 conservation of energy
卧龙自然保护区wo4 long2 zi4 ran2 bao3 hu4 qu1 Wulong Natural Conservation Zone
渔护署yu2 hu4 shu3 fisheries conservation office
不守恒bu4 shou3 heng2 nonconservation
保护论者bao3 hu4 lun2 zhe3 conservationist

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