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中外zhong1 wai4 Sino-foreign
新军xin1 jun1 new army
韦德wei2 de2 Wedd
中朝zhong1 chao2 China-Korea
中古zhong1 gu3 used
中英zhong1 ying1 Sino-British
赌场du3 chang3 casino
中越zhong1 yue4 Chinese and Vietnamese
中国化zhong1 guo2 hua4 Sinofy
汉学han4 xue2 Chinese studies (in foreign schools)
中法zhong1 fa3 Sino-French
甲午战争jia3 wu3 zhan4 zheng1 Shimoniseki War
jiao1 Mycticorax prasinosceles

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