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劳动lao2 dong4 toil
分工fen1 gong1 division of labor
把头ba3 tou2 labour contractor
劳务lao2 wu4 hard labour
工党gong1 dang3 labor party
总工会zong3 gong1 hui4 general labour union
童工tong2 gong1 child labour
劳作lao2 zuo4 work
劳动新闻lao2 dong4 xin1 wen2 Labour News
劳动党lao2 dong4 dang3 Labour Party
劳动合同lao2 dong4 he2 tong2 labor contract
代劳dai4 lao2 for someone
缓慢的 huan3 man4 de5 largo

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