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联邦lian2 bang1 federation
联合会lian2 he2 hui4 union
普京pu3 jing1 Vladimir Putin (1952-), career KGB officer and politician, president of Russian Federation from 2000, prime minister from 2008
文联wen2 lian2 federation of literary and art circles
邦联bang1 lian2 confederation
联合主义者lian2 he2 zhu3 yi4 zhe3 federationist
同盟国tong2 meng2 guo2 ally
全国总工会quan2 guo2 zong3 gong1 hui4 All-China Federation of Labour Unions
中华全国体育总会zhong1 hua2 quan2 guo2 ti3 yu4 zong3 hui4 All-China sports federation
中国文学艺术界联合会zhong1 guo2 wen2 xue2 yi4 shu4 jie4 lian2 he2 hui4 abbr. to 文聯文联
中国文联zhong1 guo2 wen2 lian2 China Federation of Literature and Art Circles
中国残联zhong1 guo2 can2 lian2 China Disabled Persons Federation
俄罗斯联邦e2 luo2 si1 lian2 bang1 Russian federation, RSFSR

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