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ye4 job
法轮fa3 lun2 the Eternal Wheel of life in Buddhism
佛教fo2 jiao4 Buddhism
四大si4 da4 the four elements: earth, water, fire, and wind (Buddhism)
菩萨pu2 sa4 Bodhisattva (Buddhism)
shi4 Buddhism
人道ren2 dao4 humane
毒气du2 qi4 toxic gas
喇嘛la1 ma5 la3 ma5 Lama
清净qing1 jing4 quiet
公案gong1 an4 contentious issue
三宝san1 bao3 the Three Precious Treasures of Buddhism, namely: the Buddha 佛, the Dharma 法 (his teaching), and the Sangha 僧 (his monastic order)
红尘hong2 chen2 the mortal world

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