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Simplfied Chinese
Traditional Chinese
Mandarin pinyin pronunciation
shì fēi cháng
Cantonese jyutpin pronunciation
/(si6 fei1 seung4 )
Short definition to be extremely
Usage frequency Somewhat infrequent
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Copyleft icon Adso icon Adso: to be extremely
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Sentence examples
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大多数(dà duō shù) majority
中国人(zhōng guó rén) Chinese person
是非常( shì fēi cháng) to be extremely
好客(hào kè) friendly
(dedì) of
尤其是(yóu qí shì) above all
住在(zhù zài) to live in
农村(nóng cūn) village
的人( de rén)

Many Chinese people make good guests, especially those from rural areas.

(biān bian) side
(chī) to eat
东西(dōng xi) stuff
(biān bian) side
谈话(tán huà) talk
是非常( shì fēi cháng) to be extremely
没有(méi yǒu) not to have
礼貌(lǐ mào) polite
(dedì) of

It is rude to talk when your mouth is full.

勇气(yǒng qì) valor
是非常( shì fēi cháng) to be extremely
重要的( zhòng yào de) basilic
比如(bǐ rú) for example
肌肉(jī ròu) muscle
经常(jīng cháng) daily
使用(shǐ yòng) to use
(cái) only then
得以(dé yǐ) able to
加强(jiā qiáng) to strengthen

Courage is very important. Like a muscle, it is strengthened by use.

一些(yī xiē) a few
分析家(fēn xī jiā) analyst
认为(rèn wéi) to believe
索马里(suǒ mǎ lǐ) Somalia
是非常( shì fēi cháng) to be extremely
失败的( shī bài de) aborted
国家(guó jiā) state

Some analysts consider Somalia as the failed state par excellence.

蜜蜂(mì fēng) honeybee
可以(kě yǐ) can
是非常( shì fēi cháng) to be extremely
痛苦的( tòng kǔ de) thorny

Bee stings can be very painful.

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