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/(??? bat1 )
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Sentence examples
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我不( bù)
(dǒng) to understand
葡萄牙语(pú táo yá yǔ) Portuguese language

I don't understand Portuguese.

我不( bù)
记得(jì de) to remember
那样的(nà yàng de) that kind of
事情(shì qing) thing

I don't remember doing anything like that.

我认为(wǒrènwéi) I guess
(wǒ) I
(tīng) to sentence
懂了(dǒng le) to understand
汤姆(tāng mǔ) Tom (name)
所有(suǒ yǒu) to own
(huà) talk
(dàn) but
我不( bù)
确定(què dìng) fixed

I think I understood everything Tom said, but I'm not absolutely sure.

我不( bù)
感兴趣(gǎn xìng qù) to feel interested

I'm not interested.

我不( bù)
(tài) too
(lèi léi léi) rope

I am not too tired.

(tā) another
日语(rì yǔ) Japanese language
(jiǎng) to talk
得很(dehěn) very (much, good etc)
(hǎo hàohào) so
但是(dàn shì) but
我不( bù)
(dǒng) to understand
德语(dé yǔ) German (language)

He can speak Japanese very well, but I cannot understand German.

我不( bù)
喜欢(xǐ huān) to like
怀(huái) bosom
男孩(nán hái) boy

I don't like bad boys.

我不( bù)
应该(yīng gāi) should
(xiào) smile

I shouldn't be laughing.

我不( bù)
习惯(xí guàn) habit
(zǒu) from
(hěn) quite
(lù) kind

I'm not used to walking long distances.

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