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/(joi6 gaau3 )
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Sentence examples
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养上( yǎng shàng)
他们(tā men) they
(hé) with
野蛮人(yě mán rén) barbarian
差不多(chàbuduō) not bad

With regards to culture, you could say they're like barbarians.

(tā) another
(zēng) once
(shì) is
我的( de) my
学生(xuéshēng) student
现在(xiàn zài) modern
我的( de) my
孩子们(hái zi men) children

He was my pupil. Now he teaches my children.

更多(gèng duō) even more
投资(tóu zī) investment
(yù) to educate
(dedì) of
(qián) money
将会(jiāng huì) will (cause)
刺激(cì jī) to upset
经济(jīng jì) budget
成长(chéng zhǎng) growth

More money for education will spur economic growth.

那位( nà wèi)
老师(lǎo shī) teacher

That teacher is teaching English conversation.

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