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Simplfied Chinese
Traditional Chinese
Mandarin pinyin pronunciation
zài yī qǐ
Cantonese jyutpin pronunciation
joi6 yat1 hei2
Short definition together
Usage frequency Common
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Copyleft icon Adso icon Adso: together
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Sentence examples
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(hé) with
漂白剂(piǎo bái jì piāo bái jì) bleacher
(húnhùn) dirty
在一起(zài yī qǐ) together

Don't mix ammonia and bleach together.

我们( men) us
没有(méi yǒu) not to have
在一起(zài yī qǐ) together
这样(zhè yàng) such
快乐(kuài lè) happy

It was ages since we had had such a good time.

离开(lí kāi) to separate
还是(hái shì) or
(gēn) heel
我们( men) us
在一起(zài yī qǐ) together
都可以(dōukěyǐ) all OK

It doesn’t matter whether he will stay with us or leave.

我不( bù)
喜欢(xǐ huān) to like
(bà) stem
生意(shēng yi) business
(hé) with
快乐(kuài lè) happy
(húnhùn) dirty
在一起(zài yī qǐ) together

I don't like to mix business with pleasure.

我们( men) us
整个(zhěng gè) entire
夏天(xià tiān) summer
(dū) all
(hé) with
他们(tā men) they
(dài) stay
在一起(zài yī qǐ) together

We stayed with them all through the summer.

(tā) another
(qù) to get rid of
(hé) with
他的( tā de)
表弟(biǎo dì) younger male cousin via female line
(dài) stay
在一起(zài yī qǐ) together
(liǎo) (of eyes) bright

He went to stay with his cousin.

我们( men) us
在一起(zài yī qǐ) together
生活了(shēng huó le) to have lived
三年(sān nián) three years

We lived together for three years.

(wǒ) I
看见(kàn jiàn) to see
(nǐ) variant of 你, you (female)
(hé) with
一个个(yī gè gè) one by one
(zǐzǐ) son
高的(gāode) High
男孩(nán hái) boy
在一起(zài yī qǐ) together

I saw you with a tall boy.

我们( men) us
(huìkuài) will
永远(yǒng yuǎn) forever
在一起(zài yī qǐ) together

We will be together forever.

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