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yun4 dik1
Short definition round
Usage frequency Very common
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Copyleft icon Adso icon Adso: round
Copyleft icon Cantofish icon Cantofish: sameadso
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Copyleft icon LDC icon LDC: orbicular; rotund; roundish
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Sentence examples
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(qiú) match
(shì) is
圆的(yuán) round

Balls are round.

谁都( shéi dū)
知道(zhī dào) to know
地球(dì qiú) planet
(shì) is
圆的(yuán) round

There is no one but knows that the earth is round.

(wǒ) I
试图(shì tú) to try
(huà) picture
条纹(tiáo wén) stripe
图形(tú xíng) picture
但是(dàn shì) but
(dàng) when
(wǒ) I
(huà) picture
圆的(yuán) round
时候(shíhòu) time
(wǒ) I
失败了(shī bài le) to lose
(tā) it (used for animals)
看起来(kàn qǐ lái) seemingly
(xiàng) such as
一个(yī gè) a
椭圆的( tuǒ yuán de) elliptical
圆环(yuán huán) ring

I tried to draw a stick figure, but I failed when I started to draw the circle. It looked like a loop-sided oval.

以前的( yǐ qián de) whilom
(rén) man
不知道(bù zhī dào) not to know
地球(dì qiú) planet
(shì) is
圆的(yuán) round
也不(yě bù) nor
知道(zhī dào) to know
地球(dì qiú) planet
(shì) is
太阳(tài yáng) sun

Formerly people did not know that the earth is round and that it moves around the sun.

严格来说(yán gé lái shuō) strictly speaking
地球(dì qiú) planet
不是(bú shì) is not
圆的(yuán) round

Strictly speaking, the earth is not round.

这个(zhè gè) this one
工作(gōng zuò) job
一天(yī tiān) one day
(yǒu) some
1 0 0 0 0
(rì) sun
圆的(yuán) round
报酬(bào chóu) reward

This job pays 10,000 yen a day.

老师(lǎo shī) teacher
(shuō) to scold
地球(dì qiú) planet
(shì) is
圆的(yuán) round

The teacher said that the earth is round.

人孔(rén kǒng) manhead
(shì) is
圆的(yuán) round
因为(yīn wèi) because
这样(zhè yàng) such
人孔盖(rén kǒng gài) manlid
(yì) wish
外地(wài dì) parts of the country other than where one is
掉进(diào jìn) to throw into
洞里( dòng lǐ)

Manholes are round because that way they won't accidentally fall through the hole.

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