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Simplfied Chinese
Traditional Chinese
Mandarin pinyin pronunciation
tú àn
Cantonese jyutpin pronunciation
tou4 on3
Short definition design
Usage frequency Common
Chinese synonyms Chinese Gratis iconChinese tools icon (Click icons, results will appear below)
All available English definitions designAdso icon /
Copyleft icon Adso icon Adso: design
Copyleft icon Cantofish icon Cantofish: samemdbg
Copyleft icon MDBG icon MDBG: sameldc
Copyleft icon LDC icon LDC: design; pattern
Copyleft icon Cdict icon CDict: sameldc'
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Sentence examples
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(wǒ) I
(zhù) note
意到( yì dào)
一个(yī gè) a
图案(tú àn) design

I noticed a pattern.

到了(dào le dào liǎo) finally
(sì) 4
(shí) ten
年代(nián dài) age
旗袍(qí páo) Chinese-style dress
有了(yǒu le) pregnant
种类(zhǒng lèi) class
(fán) many
多的(duōde) More
图案(tú àn) design
(hé) with
面料(miàn liào) material for making clothes
(yě) too
有了(yǒu le) pregnant
同样(tóng yàng) equal
种类(zhǒng lèi) class
(fán) many
多的(duōde) More
饰品(shì pǐn) ornament

By the 1940s, the qipao came in a wide variety of designs and fabrics, with an equally wide variety of accessories.

(zhè) these
(nv) female
(hái) child
(dedì) of
眼睛(yǎn jīng) eyes
光亮(guāng liàng) bright
这个(zhè gè) this one
暗示(àn shì) suggestion
(ràng) to yield
(tā) she
可爱的( kě ài de) lovable
(māo) cat
图案(tú àn) design
自动铅笔(zì dòng qiān bǐ) propelling pencil
(yuè) to exceed
她的( tā de)
笔记本(bǐ jì běn) notebook

The girl, her eyes shining brightly from that single hint, makes her cute cat-motif automatic pencil run across her notebook.

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