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Simplfied Chinese
Traditional Chinese
Mandarin pinyin pronunciation
guó mín
Cantonese jyutpin pronunciation
gwok3 man4
Short definition national
Usage frequency Very common
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All available English definitions nationalCdict iconAdso icon /
Copyleft icon Adso icon Adso: national
Copyleft icon Cantofish icon Cantofish: sameadso
Copyleft icon MDBG icon MDBG: samecdic
Copyleft icon LDC icon LDC: national; countryman; countrymen
Copyleft icon Cdict icon CDict: national'
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Sentence examples
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日本人(rì běn rén) Japanese person or people
(shì) is
勤奋(qín fèn) diligent
(dedì) of
国民(guó mín) national

The Japanese are an industrious people.

中国的( zhōng guó de) sinic
汉字(hàn zì) Korean: hanja
数量(shù liàng) amount
繁多(fán duō) many and varied
推行(tuī xíng) to implement
汉字(hàn zì) Korean: hanja
简化(jiǎn huà) to simplify
(dedì) of
目的(mù dì) aim
是把( shì bǎ)
结构(jié gòu) makeup
复杂的( fù zá de) subtile
繁体字(fán tǐ zì) traditional characters
转换成( zhuǎn huàn chéng) to convert into
易学(yì xué) easy to learn
(yì) easy
简体字(jiǎn tǐ zì) simplified Chinese character, as opposed to traditional Chinese character 繁體字繁体字fan2 ti3 zi4
从而(cóng ér) thus
提高(tí gāo) to raise
国民(guó mín) national
(dedì) of
识字(shí zì) to learn to read
水平(shuǐ píng) standard

In China, there is a large number of characters, so the goal of the character simplification was to replace the complex traditional characters with easy to remember simplified characters and increase the literacy rate.

总统(zǒng tǒng) President
(zài) (located) at
电视上(diàn shì shàng) on television
(duì) for
国民(guó mín) national
讲话(jiǎng huà) to talk

The President spoke to the nation on TV.

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