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Simplfied Chinese
Traditional Chinese
Mandarin pinyin pronunciation
xīng wàng
Cantonese jyutpin pronunciation
hing1 wong6
Short definition prosperous
Usage frequency Common
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All available English definitions prosperousCdict iconAdso icon / to flourishCdict icon / thrivingCdict icon / to prosperCdict icon /
Copyleft icon Adso icon Adso: prosperous
Copyleft icon Cantofish icon Cantofish: samemdbg
Copyleft icon MDBG icon MDBG: samecdic
Copyleft icon LDC icon LDC: prosperous; thriving; to prosper; to flourish; upbeat
Copyleft icon Cdict icon CDict: prosperous; thriving; to prosper; to flourish'
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Sentence examples
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(ràng) to yield
我们( men) us
记住(jìzhù) to remember
这一点(zhè yī diǎn) this point
, 如果说
这场( zhè chǎng)
金融危机(jīn róng wēi jī) financial crisis
教会(jiào huì) (n) Christian church
(liǎo) (of eyes) bright
我们( men) us
什么东西( shén me dōng xī) what is this
的话(dehuà) words
(nà nā nā) Na
就是(jiù shì) if
我们( men) us
不可能(bù kě néng) not able
(zài) (located) at
金融(jīn róng) financial
以外(yǐ wài) beyond
(dedì) of
领域(lǐng yù) sector
处于(chǔ yú) to be located in
困境(kùn jìng) predicament
(dedì) of
同时(tóng shí) at the same time
拥有(yōng yǒu) to have
繁荣(fán róng) prosperous
兴旺(xīng wàng) prosperous
(dedì) of
华尔街(huá ěr jiē) by extension, American big business

Let us remember that if this financial crisis taught us anything, it's that we cannot have a thriving Wall Street while Main Street suffers.

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