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Traditional Chinese
Mandarin pinyin pronunciation
Cantonese jyutpin pronunciation
/(saam1 chin1 )
Short definition three thousand
Usage frequency Common
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Sentence examples
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现在(xiàn zài) modern
美国(měi guó) American
(yǒu) some
三千(sānqiān) three thousand
一百万( yī bǎi wàn)
年龄(nián líng) (a person's) age
(zài) (located) at
六十五岁(liù shí wǔ suì) sixty-five years old
以上(yǐ shàng) over
(dedì) of
老人(lǎo rén) the elderly

At present there are about 31 million Americans over the age of sixty-five.

飞机(fēi jī) airplane
(zài) (located) at
三千(sānqiān) three thousand
(mǐ) rice
(dedì) of
高空飞行( gāo kōng fēi xíng) in-air flight

The plane flew at an altitude of 3,000 meters.

截至(jié zhì) up until
(èr) 2
六月(liù yuè) June
(dǐ) base
中国(zhōng guó) China
农村(nóng cūn) village
网民(wǎng mín) netizen
人数(rén shù) number
(dá) eminent
三千(sānqiān) three thousand
七百(qībǎi) seven hundred
(sì) 4
(rén) man
(zhàn) to take up
农村(nóng cūn) village
总人口(zǒng rén kǒu) total population
(yuē) pact
百分之( bǎi fēn zhī) per
(yī) all

By the end of June 2006, the number of netizens in rural China had reached three million, seven hundred and forty one thousand, making up 5.1% of the total rural population.

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