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Traditional Chinese
Mandarin pinyin pronunciation
Cantonese jyutpin pronunciation
/(saam1 go3 yut6 )
Short definition trimester
Usage frequency Common
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Sentence examples
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不消( bù xiāo)
三个月(sāngeyuè) trimester
(zhè) these
笔钱(bǐ qián) fund
(quán) all
给我( gěi)
(huā) florid
清光(qīng guāng) the clear moonlight

I will have spent all this money in three months.

(nǐ) variant of 你, you (female)
必须(bì xū) must
(fù) to pay
三个月(sāngeyuè) trimester
(dedì) of
房租(fáng zū) (n) rent money
作为(zuò wéi) qua
押金(yā jīn) deposit

You have to give three months' rent as a deposit.

(yào) may
(wán) to finish
(chéng) OK
实验(shí yàn) test
三个月(sāngeyuè) trimester
(tài) too

Three months is too short a time to finish the experiment.

(tā) another
(xué) -ology
(liǎo) (of eyes) bright
三个月(sāngeyuè) trimester
才学(cái xué) talent and learning
(qí) to sit astride
自行车(zì xíng chē) bike

It took him three months to learn to ride a bicycle.

我们( men) us
波士顿(bō shì dùn) Boston, capital of Massachusetts
(dài) stay
三个月(sāngeyuè) trimester

We'll be in Boston for another three weeks.

汤姆(tāng mǔ) Tom (name)
三个月(sāngeyuè) trimester
(qián) first
开始(kāi shǐ) to begin
(hé) with
玛丽(mǎ lì) Mary or Marie (name)
约会(yuē huì) date

Tom started dating Mary three months ago.

三个月(sāngeyuè) trimester
(hòu) behind
收到了(shōu dào le) to have received
一封信( yī fēng xìn)

I received a letter three months later.

三个月(sāngeyuè) trimester
(hòu) behind
汤姆(tāng mǔ) Tom (name)
死了(sǐ le) to die

Three months later, Tom was dead.

我们( men) us
(wài) outside
出了(chū le) to arise
三个月(sāngeyuè) trimester

We've been going out three months.

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