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Simplfied Chinese
Traditional Chinese
Mandarin pinyin pronunciation
yīqǐ lái
Cantonese jyutpin pronunciation
/(yat1 hei2 loi4 )
Short definition
Usage frequency Somewhat infrequent
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Sentence examples
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(hé) with
(shéi shéi) also pr. shui2
一起来(yīqǐ lái)
(dedì) of

Who did you come with?

(nǐ) variant of 你, you (female)
为什么(wèi shén me) for what reason?
不和(bù hé) discord
我们( men) us
一起来(yīqǐ lái)

Why aren't you coming with us?

(wǒ) I
很遗憾(hěn yí hàn) unfortunately
(nín) you (courteous, as opposed to informal 你ni3)
没有(méi yǒu) not to have
(hé) with
我们( men) us
一起来(yīqǐ lái)

I'm sorry for your not having come with us.

可以(kě yǐ) can
的话(dehuà) words
你也( nǐ yě)
一起来(yīqǐ lái)
(ba) dumb

Come along with us if you like.

一起来(yīqǐ lái)
(ba) dumb

Come with us.

夫人(fū ren) lady
一起来(yīqǐ lái)
(ba) dumb

Please come over with your wife.

为了(wèi le) in order to
(ràng) to yield
我们( men) us
和大家( hé dà jiā) with everyone
(dū) all
记住(jìzhù) to remember
这个(zhè gè) this one
日子(rì zi) a (calendar) date
(wǒ) I
(qǐng) to ask
大家(dà jiā) everyone
(gēn) heel
我们( men) us
一起来(yīqǐ lái)
种树(zhòng shù) to plant trees

In order to make us and everyone else remember this day, I ask everyone to plant a tree with us.

(wǒ) I
可以(kě yǐ) can
(hé) with
家人(jiā rén) household servant
一起来(yīqǐ lái)
(ma) (question tag)

May I bring my family along?

(gēn) heel
(wǒ) I
一起来(yīqǐ lái)
唱吧( chàng ba)

Come sing with me.

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