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/(yat1 baak3 do1 )
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Usage frequency Somewhat infrequent
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Sentence examples
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过去(guò qù guò qu) former
(nián) year
澳大利亚(ào dà lì yà) same as 澳洲
共有(gòng yǒu) in all
二十七(èr shí qī) 27
(lì) example
蜘蛛(zhī zhū) spider
致死的( zhì sǐ de) deathly
记录(jì lù) to record

Over the last hundred years, there have been twenty-seven recorded deaths from spider bites in Australia.

玛丽(mǎ lì) Mary or Marie (name)
(yǒu) some
(shuāng) two
(xié) shoe

Mary has more than a hundred pairs of shoes.

个人(gè rén) personal
(zài) (located) at
一个(yī gè) a
火车事故( huǒ chē shì gù) train accident
(zhōngzhòng) among
(shāng) wound

A hundred people were hurt in a train wreck.

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