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Simplfied Chinese
Traditional Chinese
Mandarin pinyin pronunciation
yī diǎn yě bù
Cantonese jyutpin pronunciation
yat1 dim2 ya5 bat1
Short definition no way
Usage frequency Somewhat infrequent
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All available English definitions not in the leastCantofish icon / not at allAdso icon / no wayCantofish icon /
Copyleft icon Adso icon Adso: not at all
Copyleft icon Cantofish icon Cantofish: not in the least; no way
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Sentence examples
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(wǒ) I
一点也不(yī diǎn yě bù) no way
(zài) (located) at
(hū) at

I don't care a rap.

洞里( dòng lǐ)
发生了(fā shēng le) to have happened
什么(shén me shén me yě méi yǒu) who?
(wǒ) I
很好(hěn hǎo) well
(qí) weird
。 ” “
(wǒ) I
一点也不(yī diǎn yě bù) no way
知道(zhī dào) to know
。 ”
"What's going on in the cave? I'm curious." "I have no idea."

(wǒ) I
一点也不(yī diǎn yě bù) no way
(pà) perhaps

I'm not in the least afraid of it.

(wǒ) I
一点也不(yī diǎn yě bù) no way
(huìkuài) will
游泳(yóu yǒng) to swim

I can't swim at all.

(tā) another
一点也不(yī diǎn yě bù) no way
聪明(cōng míng) smart

He is by no means bright.

汤姆(tāng mǔ) Tom (name)
一点也不(yī diǎn yě bù) no way
喜欢(xǐ huān) to like
(wán) toy
扑克(pū kè) deck of playing cards

Tom doesn't like to play poker at all.

因此(yīn cǐ) thus
天气(tiān qì) weather
一点也不(yī diǎn yě bù) no way
(rè) craze

So, it isn't hot at all.

天气预报(tiān qì yù bào) weather forecast
一点也不(yī diǎn yě bù) no way
可靠(kě kào) dependable

The weather forecast is not reliable at all.

汤姆(tāng mǔ) Tom (name)
(hé) with
他的( tā de)
父亲(fù qīn) father
长得(zhǎng de) looks
一点也不(yī diǎn yě bù) no way
(xiàng) such as

Tom doesn't look like his father at all.

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