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Simplfied Chinese
Traditional Chinese
Mandarin pinyin pronunciation
yī dòng
Cantonese jyutpin pronunciation
/(yat1 dung3 )
Short definition
Usage frequency Somewhat infrequent
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Sentence examples
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他有( tā yǒu)
一栋( yī dòng)
自己的(zì jǐ de) one's own
房子(fáng zi) room

He has a house of his own.

(dedì) of
旁边(páng biān) lateral
(jiàn) to build
(liǎo) (of eyes) bright
一栋( yī dòng)
高楼(gāo lóu) skyscraper

A tall building was built next to my house.

(tā) she
(zhù) to stay
(zài) (located) at
一栋( yī dòng)
大房子(dà fáng zǐ) large building
(lǐ) village

She lives in a large house.

读完(dúwán) to finish studying
他的( tā de)
(wǒ) I
觉得(jué de) to feel
(wǒ) I
可以(kě yǐ) can
构建(gòu jiàn) to establish
一栋( yī dòng)
房子(fáng zi) room

After reading his books I feel I can construct a house.

(tā) she
(zhù) to stay
(zài) (located) at
一栋( yī dòng)
两层楼(liǎng céng lóu) two-story building
(dedì) of
房子(fáng zi) room

She lives in a two-story house.

战后(zhàn hòu) post-war
不久(bù jiǔ) not long after
我的( de) my
父亲(fù qīn) father
(jiù) only
买了(mǎi le) to buy
一栋( yī dòng)
房子(fáng zi) room
而我( ér)
就是(jiù shì) if
在那( zài nà)
(dòng) ridgepole (old)
房子(fáng zi) room
(lǐ) village
(chū) to publish
生的(shēngde) to look

Shortly after the war my father bought a new house, in which I was born.

我们( men) us
住在(zhù zài) to live in
一栋( yī dòng)
(yǒu) some
(sān) 3
(jiān jiàn jiàn) gap
(wò) to lie down in
室的( shì de) ventricular
房子(fáng zi) room

We live in a three-bedroom house.

开罗(kāi luó) Cairo (capital of Egypt)
(dedì) of
一栋( yī dòng)
大楼(dà lóu) large building
倒塌了(dǎo tā le) to collapse

A building collapsed in Cairo.

(tā) another
(jǐ) to provide
自己(zì jǐ) herself
一栋( yī dòng)
(xīn) Singapore
房子(fáng zi) room

He built a new house for himself.

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