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Simplfied Chinese
Traditional Chinese
Mandarin pinyin pronunciation
yī àn
Cantonese jyutpin pronunciation
/(yat1 on3 )
Short definition
Usage frequency Somewhat infrequent
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Sentence examples
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研究(yán jiū) research
表明(biǎo míng) to indicate
人们(rén men) people
一有( yī yǒu)
住处(zhù chǔ zhù chù) residence
(zōu) ,
食物(shí wù) food
这些(zhè xiē) these
基本的( jī běn de) basal
需要(xū yào) to want
附加的( fù jiā de) Plus
财富(cái fù) fortune
大量地(dà liàng di) abundantly
提高(tí gāo) to raise
他们的( tā men de) their
快乐(kuài lè) happy

Studies show that once the basic needs of shelter and food are met, additional wealth adds very little to happiness.

(wǒ) I
一有( yī yǒu)
小狗(xiǎo gǒu) puppy
开始(kāi shǐ) to begin
常常(cháng cháng) frequently
散步(sàn bù) to walk

As soon as I have a dog, I'll start going for walks frequently.

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