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Simplfied Chinese
Traditional Chinese
Mandarin pinyin pronunciation
yī pái
Cantonese jyutpin pronunciation
yat1 paai4
Short definition row
Usage frequency Common
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Copyleft icon Adso icon Adso: sameldc
Copyleft icon Cantofish icon Cantofish: samemdbg
Copyleft icon MDBG icon MDBG: sameadso
Copyleft icon LDC icon LDC: row
Copyleft icon Cdict icon CDict: sameldc'
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Sentence examples
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这里(zhè lǐ) here
一排(yī pái) row
都是(dōushì) all
进口(jìn kǒu) to import
面料(miàn liào) material for making clothes
(ōu) old variant of 謳讴ou1
(bǎn) page
(dedì) of
西装(xī zhuāng) Western-style clothes

The suits in this row are all made of imported European fabric.

旁边(páng biān) lateral
一排(yī pái) row
衣服(yīfú) clothes
(gēn) heel
这里(zhè lǐ) here
(dedì) of
衣服(yīfú) clothes
没什么(méi shén me) it doesn't matter
不一样(bù yī yàng) not similar

There is no difference between this row of clothes and the one next to it.

一个(yī gè) a
美丽的( měi lí de) beauteous
女人(nv rén) wife
坐在(zuò zài) to sit at
(wǒ) I
前面(qián miàn) above
一排(yī pái) row

A beautiful woman was seated one row in front of me.

她把( tā bǎ)
她的( tā de)
(zài) (located) at
一排(yī pái) row

She put her CDs in a row on the shelf.

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