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Simplfied Chinese
Traditional Chinese
Mandarin pinyin pronunciation
yī qiè /yí qiè
Cantonese jyutpin pronunciation
yat1 chai3
Short definition all
Usage frequency Very common
Chinese synonyms Chinese Gratis iconChinese tools icon (Click icons, results will appear below)
All available English definitions allCdict iconMDBG icon / everythingCdict iconMDBG icon / completeAdso icon/
Copyleft icon Adso icon Adso: complete
Copyleft icon Cantofish icon Cantofish: everything
Copyleft icon MDBG icon MDBG: everything; every; all
Copyleft icon LDC icon LDC: all; every; everything; Everything; wholeness
Copyleft icon Cdict icon CDict: all; every; everything'
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Sentence examples
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我知道( zhī dào) I see
我想(wǒxiǎng) I guess
一切(yī qiè yí qiè) all

I know that everything I need is here.

世界语(shì jiè yǔ) world language
(dedì) of
思想(sī xiǎng) idea
核心(hé xīn) core
在于(zài yú) to be in
一切(yī qiè yí qiè) all
(dedì) of
平等(píng děng) equality

The heart of Esperanto ideology is the equality of all languages and cultures.

没时间(méi shí jiān) not to have time
告诉(gàosù) to tell
(nǐ) variant of 你, you (female)
一切(yī qiè yí qiè) all
(nǐ) variant of 你, you (female)
需要(xū yào) to want
知道(zhī dào) to know
(dedì) of
事情(shì qing) thing

There's no time to tell you everything you need to know.

感谢(gǎn xiè) thankful
(nín) you (courteous, as opposed to informal 你ni3)
(wèi) for
加拿大(jiā ná dà) Canada
(suǒ) place
一切(yī qiè yí qiè) all

Thank you for everything you've done for Canada.

我爱你( ài nǐ) I love you
但是(dàn shì) but
(nǐ) variant of 你, you (female)
不知道(bù zhī dào) not to know
(zhè) these
一切(yī qiè yí qiè) all

I love you, but you don't know everything.

(tā) she
(yíng) to win
(dé děiděi) must
一切(yī qiè yí qiè) all
(liǎo) (of eyes) bright

She won everything.

(tā) another
(yíng) to win
(dé děiděi) must
一切(yī qiè yí qiè) all
(liǎo) (of eyes) bright

He won everything.

迄今(qì jīn) up to now
一切(yī qiè yí qiè) all
妥当(tuǒ dàng) pertinence

So far, so good.

(zhè) these
一切(yī qiè yí qiè) all
在我看来( zài kàn lái) as far as I can see
(dū) all
颇为(pō wéi) quite
荒唐(huāng táng) absurd

I think that this is all quite absurd.

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