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Simplfied Chinese
Traditional Chinese
Mandarin pinyin pronunciation
yī sī
Cantonese jyutpin pronunciation
/(yat1 si1 )
Short definition
Usage frequency Common
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Sentence examples
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房间里(fáng jiān lǐ) in the room
静悄悄的( jìng qiāo qiāo de) soundless
听不到(tīngbúdào) can't hear
一丝( yī sī)
声音(shēng yīn) voice

Not a sound was heard in the room.

(tā) another
(xiāo) need
(shī) to fail
(liǎo) (of eyes) bright
一丝( yī sī)
踪迹(zōng jī zōng jì) trail

He disappeared without a trace.

微风(wēi fēng) breeze
(zài) (located) at
(hú) lake
掀起了(xiān qǐ le) to raise
一丝( yī sī)
(sī) silk
涟漪(lián yī) ripple

A gentle wind made ripples on the surface of the pond.

天地(tiān dì) scope
神明(shén míng) gods
发誓(fā shì) to vow
我的( de) my
(huà) talk
(jué) extremely
(wú) un-
一丝( yī sī)
虚假(xū jiǎ) phony

I'm not lying. I swear to God!

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