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Paste Chinese text below: Examples

Press the Annotate button to see English definitions for the Chinese words.

Note: this tool is NOT mobile-friendly

Note 6/2/2021: This script crashes with a "permission denied" error sometimes. I'm looking into it. For now, try reloading this page a couple times. Sorry for the trouble.

How to use this tool

  1. Find a chinese text you would like to read. This could be a text on your computer or a chinese web page. (If you would prefer to enter the Chinese yourself, try this tool.)
  2. Copy and paste some text into the text box. Or you can try our sample words.
  3. Press Annotate and you will see your text in a yellow box.
  4. Hold the mouse over the individual characters and receive word and character definitions at the same time. Pinyin and English definitions are shown if available.

This tool can accept either simplified or traditional Chinese. It will output simplified Chinese, but you'll notice that the annotations appear in both.

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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