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看齐kan4qi2to emulate
比方说bi3fang5shuo1for example
不足为训bu4zu2wei2xun4not to be taken as an example
学样xue2yang4to follow suit
杀鸡给猴看sha1ji1gei3hou2kan4lit. to kill a chicken in front of a monkey
杀鸡儆猴sha1ji1jing3hou2pour encourager les autres
学坏xue2huai4to be corrupted by bad examples
效尤xiao4you2to follow a bad example
见贤思齐jian4xian2si1qi2emulate the virtuous
同流合污tong2liu2he2wu1to follow the bad example of others
旧例jiu4li4old rules
杀一儆百sha1yi1jing3bai3pour encourager les autres
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