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September 8, 2019

I started this site in 2006 to serve as a tool for myself and others to help speed up learning the Chinese language. I had high expectations for the site, but nowadays I just keep it here for anyone who wants a comprehensive Chinese-English dictionary.

The dictionary is the heart of the web site, and once you have done a search, I encourage you to look at the many features on each "detail" page. Little parenthetic links (eg. How do I use this?) appear at the side of the page, and if you click them the page will expand with (hopefully useful) explanations of each feature. I spent a lot of time compiling these to produce one of the most comprehensive freely available online Chinese-English dictionaries. To try it, simply enter any Chinese, pinyin, or English in the box above, or you can use the advanced search feature.

If you are looking for more than just a dictionary, try the annotator tool (also found above on this page: "Multi-word lookup"). It uses a slightly different dictionary than the main dictionary on this site, plus it allows you to click through each word for more information using the main dictionary. To use it, either paste in any Chinese text, or you can use the Input Method Editor tool to enter the Chinese yourself, using pinyin typing.

When this site started out it included a forum and a Wordpress blog intended to make it more interactive. Sadly, the forum turned out to be a spammer trap and I couldn't inoculate Wordpress against a particularly nasty form of malware that targeted my web sites. So those features are gone, but if you are curious you can always find them on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. I love using that tool to roll back time with my favorite web sites. Instead of using a forum or blog, these days I'm fairly active on Twitter. You can see my latest tweets to the right. Why not follow me on Twitter?

This site just moved to its fourth web host so far, Green Geeks. My exprerience with Green Geeks is good so far and I'm hoping this site will be hosted by them for many years.

Nowadays I'm keeping the site online for those few people who regularly use it, which includes myself. Gone are my grand plans for the site, but if you are one of the people who uses this site, I would appreciate any feedback you have. Who knows, maybe there's a bigger future for the site after all?

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